Not Our Play @ Rosemary Branch Theatre


Returning to the Rosemary Branch Theatre for another crafty piece, Not Our Play was a fun experience. Not Our Play is a piece written by anonymous (though clearly theatre minded) members of the public, and printed on stage at the start of the piece. It is then performed by two actors, who perform script in hand, with a third actor sat on stage reading the stage directions.

It goes without saying that this is not a refined piece of theatre, and it is naturally self aware. It introduces the cast as ‘the actors’ and continually refers to ‘the audience’, so if it is escapist theatre you’re after, this won’t be one for you. Its style feels a bit like a glorified read-through rather than a piece of theatre, but the wacky script content, which includes audience interaction and multi-role play, made it entertaining nonetheless. The quality of the acting was surprisingly good for the play’s unfinished nature, and the actors did an incredible job of leaping into each scene despite the fact they had no context. However, I did find their inability to keep a straight face in this undeniably funny piece, slightly frustrating. Not Our Play invites exploration of contemporary topics and has some real laugh at loud moments. I can see it working well at festivals and other touring events, but I’d say it is best enjoyed through the lens of a theatre background.

Not Our Play is a thought provoking, fun night for theatre enthusiasts who are looking for something a little different and less finalised.


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